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American Press Technologies Inc,



Serving You Since 1996

Equipment & Servicing Solutions for Large Format Printing Industries

American Press Technologies, Inc. offers engineering and maintenance solutions for the large format printing industry. We have been in operation since 1996, providing customized solutions designed to meet our clients’ needs.

We work on the full range of production equipment for your business. Our unique capabilities and value-added services set us apart from our competition.

American Press Technologies Inc,
American Press Technologies Inc,

Business Philosophy

At American Press Technologies, Inc., we take our clients’ success very seriously. Over the years, we have committed ourselves to understanding printing machines and their maintenance to provide the best solution for any issue.

We put in the effort to achieve superior customer satisfaction so that we become the vendor of choice for their next project.

When we say “We are the solution to your equipment problems” we mean it. If we tell you “We can do it,” we can. If we don’t know how to do it, we’ll tell you that too.

Services We Offer

Our expertise speaks for us; we provide full support services after installing machines. We offer the right machine for your production goals along with comprehensive services that include

  • Custom Control Systems
  • Custom Mechanical Integration
  • Special Needs
  • Repair Services
  • Project Management
  • Process Control
  • Consulting

Success stories

Color Console

The customer’s Fuji color console was obsolete and suffered from frequent breakdowns. APT designed and installed a custom built color console that provided all of the features of color consoles available on new presses while allowing the customer to avoid the cost of investing in a new press. Our American Console allows the customer to save and restore key settings from prior print jobs. Our color console includes APT proprietary circuit boards.

Main Drive Replacement

The customer had high maintenance costs due to an obsolete main drive system. APT installed a modern, properly-sized, digital power supply and main drive motor to replace the existing brush-shifting motor, jog motor, and clutches. A new drive train was designed and installed to couple the motor to the press drive shaft. Electrical control logic was updated to interface the new drive to the existing press controls.

Delivery Pile Motor Replacement

The customer had frequent failures with the two speed brake motor that was supplied with the press. Replacement parts were only available from the press manufacturer making them very expensive and resulting in added downtime while waiting for parts. APT replaced the two speed brake motor with standard, readily available parts. A standard NEMA-rated motor and separate brake was used. The single piston clutch/brake in the APT design provides for a soft start and stop of the pile and prevents the motor from ever running against the brake thereby further reducing wear on the equipment.

Coater Speed Control

Our customer integrates custom designed coaters into KBA presses for their customers. APT provides the drive and controls package to operate these coaters and synchronize the surface speed of the coater applicator roll to the press speed, thereby eliminating coating build-up on the leading and trailing edges of the image.

Film length control for windowing machine

A folding carton customer had a windowing machine that had a mechanical variable-ratio drive box to control the length of the film. The box was worn out and the source of much trouble. Replacements were no longer available. APT removed the box and replaced it with a modern servo drive. Film length became much easier to set, and much more accurate. Maintenance issues disappeared. Later we added a photo eye so they could apply pre-printed film in register.