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Our standards



During our quotation process we work with the customer to define an accurate measurable scope for the project and establish appropriate options. In our experience, many customers know what they want changed, but have not analyzed the effect the desired change has on other portions of their operation.


All APT designs are created with similar goals:

  • Meet or exceed our customer’s requirements in terms of productivity and quality - The goal is always to exceed the customer’s expectations. APT wants to be called back for future projects!
  • Provide for future expansion or speed increases as defined by our customer - Designs are laid out and components specified so predefined future expansion can be accomplished with minimal rework.
  • Simplicity of design - Only those functions that will provide a measurable benefit to the customer are provided. We do not add unnecessary “bells and whistles” because they cause additional down time and expense.
  • High quality components to improve up time - Components with high mean times between failures may be slightly more expensive up front, but pay huge dividends in terms of improved reliability and reduced down time for repairs.
  • Open architecture for ease of maintenance - Equipment and documentation are designed so the customer’s personnel can handle maintenance without the need to contact APT. Panel layouts, drawings, and wire numbers are coordinated so all components are easy to locate.
  • Dust tight enclosure to improve component life - All panels are specified as NEMA 12. Where cooling is required we suggest panel air conditioners as a better alternative than cooling fans.


Standard “off the shelf” components are used wherever possible. These components are available from distributors throughout the United States. Repair parts can be ordered directly from the distributor; no need to call American Press Technologies to order a replacement part.

Examples of our components of choice are as follow:
  • Programmable controllers – Allen Bradley
  • Human Machine Interface – Allen Bradley (PanelView or PanelView Plus)
  • Drives – Control Technologies
  • Motors – Marathon, Reliance, Leeson, Baldor
  • Power Supply – Acopian
  • Starters – Allen Bradley (NEMA-rated)
  • Push Buttons and Pilot Lights – Allen Bradley (NEMA-rated)
  • Enclosures – Saginaw Control and Engineering or Hoffman


All projects are delivered with hard copy documentation including:

  • Electrical schematics
  • PLC tag lists sorted by tag name as well as by wire number
  • Drive parameters
  • Drawings of mechanical components
  • Manufacturers cut sheets for purchased components