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What we do


Custom Control Systems

APT provides custom electrical controls for a wide range of equipment. Our designs are based solely on the needs of the customer; we do not have a stock product line. Our custom control systems have covered a wide range from control of one motor to large systems controlling almost four hundred motors on one machine.

Custom Mechanical Integration

APT provides all of the mechanical engineering services required to allow integration of our controls into your existing equipment. Small stand-alone mechanical engineering projects are also within our capabilities. We are one of the few system suppliers that offer single source project responsibility.

Special Needs

Commercially available equipment may not always meet your needs. APT is a custom engineering house and can build or modify equipment to meet your specific needs.

Repair Services

APT provides electrical control system repair services for the full range of equipment used in the printing industry. Typical repairs involve equipment with a sheet/web width of 40” or more. We have done repairs ranging in size from simple replacement of fuses on a load turner to replacement of the main motor and drive on a sheet fed printing press. Our current rate sheet is available on request.

Project Management

APT provides project management services for major projects in your plant. We coordinate work from various vendors and internal trades people. This allows you to concentrate on your day to day business while we handle the special projects such as equipment relocations, modifications, overhauls and start-ups.

Process Control

APT has extensive experience in process control in a wide variety of industries. We can help you determine how to control your process, the data you should collect, and define the optimum operating parameters.


APT offers consulting services to help you determine the most economical solution for your equipment and process problems. If you have a problem but don’t know the best way to solve it, this is the best place to start. We will work with you to determine the most cost effective approach to meet your specific needs.