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About us


American Press Technologies, Inc. (APT) was established in February of 1996 to serve the printing industry. Since its founding, APT has been dedicated to delivering a quality product to all of its clients regardless of the size of the company or the scope of the project.


APT was founded to provide the printing industry with a source for improved control systems for older equipment. As we see it, the need to replace equipment is often driven not by any major problem with the mechanical portion of the equipment, but rather is driven by the unreliability of the machine’s electrical control system. Minor mechanical repairs combined with replacement of failing control systems will provide equipment with almost all of the benefits of new equipment at a fraction of the cost.


APT believes that the most successful equipment projects are executed by people who are not just engineers, but also have real world experience in manufacturing. Our personnel have experience in manufacturing leadership, project engineering, process engineering and maintenance management. We have worked in printing (offset, gravure, ink jet), die cutting (rotary and flat-bed), sheeting, laminating, coating, stretch wrapping, dipping, conveying, discrete assembly, solution preparation and vacuum deposition.

Attention to Detail

At APT, we pay close attention to the details so you don’t have to. This is readily apparent in our planning and documentation – true hallmarks of APT’s work. Our close attention to every detail in the engineering, planning and installation of a project make for smooth operation and simplified maintenance. Simply put, our equipment is reliable and cost effective.

Wide Range

APT is not limited to working on just one type or one brand of equipment. The equipment utilized in the printing industry is composed of material feeders (sheet feed, unwinds, etc.), material processors (print units, coaters, die cutters, dryers etc.) and material collectors (deliveries, rewinds etc.). Regardless of the machine, the control needs are similar. Larger equipment just means more horsepower or more units to control. The controller’s job is about controlling and coordinating the function of these individual units.

Single Source

While APT’s focus is on repairing and upgrading electrical controls, we also take care of the mechanical parts needed to integrate the new controls; no need for you to coordinate with multiple vendors.

Project Size

APT’s largest project was to design and install a new control system for an 8 ½ color 64” wide sheet fed board press, demonstrating our ability handle very large projects. At the other end of the range we have provided the drive and motor to control a single coating roll. No project is too large for us to handle, or too small for us to be interested. All size projects are handled with the same dedication to your success.


Carl Tobey - President and Founder Glenn Thomsen - Vice President
Carl Tobey
President and Founder
Glenn Thomsen
Vice President

Carl Tobey

Carl apprenticed at an early age in his parents printing business. He is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a major in Printing Technology. Prior to founding APT he held a variety of positions in manufacturing and maintenance management within a large graphics art company. In those positions he was responsible for major equipment rebuild and relocation projects as well as day to day production.

Glenn Thomsen

Glenn is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University with a major in chemistry, and holds an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg school of business. He has held positions in manufacturing engineering management, research engineering and research science with a variety of Fortune 500 companies. He has five US patents for various manufacturing technologies.